bare legs, welcome to december

Interview tomorrow.

My entire being has been focused on the job search for the past three days. It’s better for getting the job done, but as of right now I’m basing my entire worth as a person on whether I get a job or not, which I suspect is less than healthy. Every other thing I’ve attempted has fallen flat because of how little brain-space I have for anything else right now. It’s like my super focused nerdy periods (where I’ll spend a week to several months single-mindedly hell-bent on mastering a particular topic or skill) except evil.

I’ve still had time for books, though. All the novels I ordered a few weeks ago have showed up at the library, so I’m up to my very pleased eyeballs in quality literature. I read The Broom of the System earlier this week. I liked it, but in a very superficial way. I think I’m going to go back to it after I read my non-fiction books, and see if it improves on a second reading.

Right now I’m reading King Leopold’s Ghost, and it’s excellent so far, although I’m only up to the point where Leopold II managed to trick and swindle the rest of the European nations out of a fairly sizable chunk of Africa. I’m not psychic or anything, but a careful analysis of the book’s foreshadowing tells me that the book is going to tumble into full-blown fucked-up in a chapter or so.

Today was a beautiful day in Boston. I’m sorry it was snowing, Midwest friends; today was 68 and sunny. I wore a dress. (As of this posting at full dark, about quarter after five, it’s still about 62. hah hah.)


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