so it’s been a while

At some point I am going to write up a review for both Brief Interviews With Hideous Men and Eating Animals, but that day is not today. But it will happen. They were both phenomenal, though, and due to the latter I’ve gone veg again. But more on that later.

Job fair at Urban Outfitters tomorrow! I will go so far for cash right now, seriously, but it’s okay because I’m definitely not hip enough to get a job there.

  1. Jakob said:

    they just started selling tao lin books at urban outfitters. i worked at the gap briefly, it kind of sucked but it was nice working with people the same age. good luck

    eating animals is fifty times better than “extremely loud & incredibly close” but every time i read foer i feel like i’m being manipulated

  2. kat said:

    I feel manipulated, but I enjoy it. I like Jonathan Safran Foer a lot — but “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was probably my least favorite.

    (And yeah, I saw the “Stealing Stealing From American Apparel From Urban Outfitters” headlines when they started selling tao lin’s books.)

  3. Jakob said:

    have you ever heard of noah cicero? he’s kind of a dick, but i think that’s his angle. his review of “extremely loud”:

    i have a job that allows me the luxury of bonging coffee and reading lit blog web sites like 60% of the day.

  4. kat said:

    haha, ouch, but fair.

    I am jealous of your job.

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