Monthly Archives: May 2010

One of the things that I will miss most about this city when I move to DC is the downtown. I love downtown Boston. I grew up less than a mile away from the Detroit River, which for all of its gross chemical wastes and frequent dead bodies is still a significant body of water. Living in Boston means that whenever I’m in need of some kind of peace of mind I can take the train up (and east) to the harbor and listen to the surf crash against the rocks and piers, and watch the boats go in and out. I have no idea how I managed to live in the middle of Ohio for four fucking years. I grew up less than a mile away from water; when I wanted to smoke cigarettes where my parents wouldn’t know I would hang out at the river’s rocky beaches. Whenever I visited my grandparents in Cleveland I went to the Lake Erie beach, which was also only about a mile away.

There’s a river in the heart of DC, the Potomac, so I won’t be totally bereft of water in general. In fact, I’m more comfortable with rivers than oceans — the Boston Harbor actually makes me feel better than Lake Erie because I’m used to seeing the other side. So it’s not the water, necessarily, that I will miss, although I haven’t been to the Potomac so I don’t know shit and can’t say anything specific about that.

Like I said, though, I love Boston’s downtown. I love the brick streets, I love the old houses, I love the stupid old squares that look like they’re straight out of Europe and don’t have any street signs — even when I’m on my bike! it’s quaint, it’s dumb, and I love it. I do, however, hate the people who live here — fuck all Massholes — but I love this city. It makes living here with few friends not that abominable. Today, for example, I went downtown. I wandered around Beacon Hill – beautiful – to check out the Afro-American History Museum (forgettable, but that’s an entirely different conversation). Then I went on the harbor walk — which, I might add, sucks that I’ve been avoiding the Aquarium area in order to explicitly not run into the sailor who has yet to call me back. But again, that’s another conversation altogether.

What I’m mostly saying, though, is that I wish Boston weren’t so very much populated by douchebags, because otherwise I would never want to leave this stupid city. Not that, mind you, I’m expecting DC to have fewer douchebags, because that would just be naive. I’m worried, though, that DC isn’t going to have the kind of city center that allows one to wander around alone and enjoy the sights — historical and otherwise — that make living there with only one or two friends kind of okay. I love how fucking tiny and walkable and historical Boston is.

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to the adventure of moving to another entirely new place with another (almost-new) friend. I think this new roommate will honestly work better than my old one, because no matter how much M is my very best friend, living with her boyfriend strained our relationship in a lot of ways. So fucking yeah, Washington DC, the next step in my wherever-the-wind-blows-me post-graduate life, I guess.